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Updates – Aug 2019

New Earth Network expanded to include special interest sites. site created, with mobile apps now too, for those interested in joining together in mass meditations or looking to post and find local meditation groups. site was created for those interested in disclosure groups specifically. On the New Earth Network regional sites, the integration with has been improved to include many more local events that may be of interest to seekers. Many other fixes and minor improvements have been made over the past year as well and more improvements to the way email notifications are sent out to update you on new site activity are coming soon.


Welcome to the New Earth Network

We just launched Nov 11th, 2016 and need your help spreading the word!

Everyone, for free, can visit now to start local groups with people in their city, post events and discuss venues, post and review local services, have public or PM discussions with local members, post updates and videos and photos to share, and generally network with our local New Earth communities.

This site and upcoming apps are supported by your donations only and we plan to keep it that way forever.

Use our special feedback page here to share your ideas and suggestions, and let us know what you would like to see next!

Thanks for bringing your positive vibes to our site!
-Mike W.


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