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Starting a New Earth Council

The New Earth Network exists to support local communities in their current process of collective growth and transformation.

We believe that “unity in the community” is one of the most effective ways to bring about the New Earth consciousness faster, and so we are encouraging ambitious persons to form groups within their own regional network in order to have a collaborative way to promote unity and higher consciousness.

We request that such group facilitators personally contact existing local spiritually awake and aware group leaders, teachers, healers, or whoever they feel represent and anchor the New Earth consciousness, in order to request that they be a part of their New Earth Council group. We plan to develop many more resources and guidance on this soon and release more videos to support this endeavor. We suggest the use of the name “council” primarily to encourage working together wherever possible, and making plans to support each other through wider community unity projects.

Here is an example email that you could send to potential local members, this is something I used in Colorado Springs with success.

Hello fellow Lightworkers,
Inspired by calls for “unity in the community” as being essential to the stable foundation of a New Earth, a vision that I believe we share in common, I am emailing to invite a handful of spiritual teachers and friends in [YOUR REGION] including yourself to work with me on forming a local “New Earth Council” experiment.
Over time, I would like to learn more about your needs and challenges relating to operating effectively in our current society where many new concepts are often dismissed or misunderstood. I am interested in meeting together to find out what we can do together that we could not do separately, to bring in the New Earth consciousness faster and more smoothly. I am interested in discussing ways to bring greater unity across all other New Earth focused groups through networking, shared educational resources and information tools, and anything else we can think of. As the Earth‘s transition could lead to unexpected bumps on the road (the divisiveness of the election being a possible example), I am interested in making sure we can support our community all as one through any confusing and catalytic events. I would like the unseen spiritual hierarchies that guide us already, and have led us to know each other, to have more of a representative presence within the visible Earth plane, in the form of a decision making or thought joining collective.
[DISCUSS TIMES] More specifically, I would like to meet later this month in town if you would be interested and have the time, and am curious about your schedule this month and in general for next month. [DISCUSS VENUE OPTIONS…]
[OTHER EXPLANATIONS] I found this idea on the New Earth Network website, a new resource that has recently become available for inspiring more New Earth consciousness groups to join together newearth.network

I got many favorable responses to that email. When we got together, I recorded a short video of some introductions and more of my vision.

For those seeking to start a New Earth Council, we also request that you record a short video statement on what “unity in the community” means to you, and submit the video link using this form. We hope to collaborate with you, and this video will help us know who is available and excited to collaborate with us.

I hope to release more on this soon, and request that you let me personally know if you are able to form a local New Earth Council or similar group yourself (you can send me a private message through the site at this link.)

After a few meetings with my local group, we drafted a mission statement on the New Earth Council site.

The New Earth Council is a project to bring together spiritual groups, metaphysical practitioners, teachers and lightworkers for the purpose of achieving greater unity within the Colorado Springs higher consciousness community. We believe that through unity of intention to elevate the collective consciousness, a hundredth-monkey type effect can occur throughout the wider community which can accelerate the advent of a “New Earth” where peace and abundance, love and respect, humility and reverence, joy and health can become fundamental to society.

We choose to join together for collaborative efforts and to benefit from the greater wisdom that comes through honest, open, and free communication with those of like mind.

We seek to support and facilitate the Ascension process as Gaia and her inhabitants transition into the New Earth.

We seek to support and encourage each other into greater levels of conscious awareness and enlightenment, and to further enhance our skills and abilities in order to better meet the challenges ahead.

We seek to share knowledge, resources, and tools more effectively to meet the needs of all people, especially as more and more awaken and seek expanded higher awareness.

We seek to anchor our efforts through all forms of higher guidance and intuitive insight.

We seek to stay aware of the needs of the people in our community, to be able to shift our energy when necessary to be of greatest service.

As an initial project of the Council, a website was created, newearth.network to support greater unity, discussion and collaboration among local groups.

-Mike W


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