• Michael Gagliano posted an update on the site Sydney New Earth Network. 5 months ago  · 

    Here’s to Full Disclosure in 2019 & clear vision for 2020 & beyond. It’s All Access Pass time. Time for the within to balance the without. Time to Emit Truth at all Levels at all times. No more Secrets, Separation & Lies. Highest Light Quotient Living for All. No Exceptions! Source is Open, so all shall be Open Source. No Data limits here. Unity via Open Source Data for the Highest Light Quotient for All Life, Everywhere, For Ever. Time to Emit PEACE so all may find order without chaos. So all may return to Original Spirit. So Being is Doing, No Harm, Causing No Loss & Not Impeding The Freedom Of Another. So one may return to The ONE or Be of the Many as One. Peace Eternal