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    I live in South Lake Tahoe, but in Placerville until mid-summer. I’ve been “awake” since 1979. Saw my first “craft” in 1977. Dated a guy that built a car that ran on water in 1984. His arms and legs had scars from bullets. I kept meeting people who educated me but was figuring it out myself at age 15. I’ve been involved in holistic lifestyle since the 70’s. I can contribute much knowledge in most areas of our lives these days. My friend and I used to do talks to wake people up in the 90’s with those days current events as well as our fake history using an easel. Sort of what Jordan does but on paper. Hey, thanks millenniums for passing the torch of truth.
    These days, I keep it simple, laugh, enjoy playing music, drumming, outdoor adventure playing on our Gaia’s mountains, lakes and rivers, Love reading Law of One material on a kayak with friends on the lake. 🙂