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I wrote this about 20 Years ago,. Even though my views today are more untuned with the law of one and wisdom teachings it does establish the core Me.
So you want to learn more about me? Then by all means lets take a journey into my soul and welcome aboard!!  Please fasten your seat-belts we maybe in for a bumpy ride. It seem right now at this point in my life I have everything I need but not everything I want. My ex-wife and I have done a wonderful Job raising our 2 sons “Michael JR & Sean”  Do I sound like the proud Parent? Then Great I got my point across!! I have a great sense of humour. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh with me. I very much live by Old School Values, For those of you who don’t know what Old School Value are, This was written to help you better understanding Old School Values, The most valuable things anybody should have in their lives is Love, Happiness, Pride, Loyalty, His word, Last but not least his balls. If you are wondering what does that have to do with values then allow me to further explain….A man’s balls is his belief in one’s self. Self Confidence, Swagger, Self Esteem, Testosterone. In a nut shell pardon the pone, That is what balls are to men with Old School Values. Your word… When a man gives his Word he is giving all that he is.. And given his oath to honor and protect His Word. One distinguishing quality between men and boys are a man honor his Word regardless of the cost. Because behind a broken word is a broken man. The man is only as good as his Word… Loyalty it don’t exists without Love & Respect. A man with Old School Values lives with a belief “Death Before Dishonour” Meaning he would rather Die with Pride & Dignity & Loyalty before betraying anyone we have devoted and given Loyalty to…. Count the number of divorces today and the length of marriages and it becomes obviously clear on how Loyalty is dramatically diminishing in today’s society, very sad but true….. Pride…. Humm I can speak only for myself on this subject for ea ch man it may vary a little, But for me Pride is a sense of accomplishment, To have climbed to the top of that mountain and turn around to look back on its path and knowing the obstacle you had to over come to get there. Yes, pride is a sense of accomplishments…. You should not have pride solely on your worldly possessions, For that is false pride. Meaning you only posses the feeling of pride as long as you posses the worldly things such as a Boat, Car, House, Business, Whatever, Pride in my opinion should never be based on those thing alone….. Love & Happiness…… are intangibles that you can never be grasp it in your hands nor can it be trapped in a bottle,. Please listen to what I am about to tell you very closely LOVE is the single most powerful emotion you will ever encounter. There is absolutely nothing love can’t and won’t conquer or do, There is nothing more powerful and strong, Love has and knows no boundaries, It has and no limits !! Now you are wondering what is this “LOVE” God almighty!! well no, But your very very close. Allow me to explain Love by itself can diminish and weaken over time. Yet when love is coupled with Happiness there is a never ending abundance of pure energy the only thing stronger and more powerful then that is… Energy as a whole, Now that is the sheer essence of our God Almighty!!  Okay lets pull back a little bit, We were suppose to just skim the surface and not be diving that deep into my Souls. The best way to ensure Love & Happiness in anyone’s life is by making a practice of the following. Learn to Live Life to Its fullest potential. Embrace each day as if it were to be your first & last day on earth. Do this and you will live a more vibrant & fulfilling life then you ever thought imaginable.  Awaken your 6 senses by simply appling that easy exercises and Instantly your life will be lifted and elevate to a new level of awarenes s and consciousness of your Love & Happiness, Let me Chat a little more about our 6 senses. How much do we really know about these 6 senses? How well can they be developed? Do you even know what they are? 1,Sight 2,Smell 3,Taste 4,Touch 5,Hearing & 6, Extra Sensory Perception AKA E.S.P That Is the ability to acquire information by paranormal means independent of any known physical senses or deduction from previous experiences…. Intuition,… Epiphany,… Clairvoyant, all have our 6th sense to thank for it’s extraordinary ability. The Power of the Mind, Only if we were able to tap into the mind for it’s fullest potential. We currently use less then 7% of the brains capacity. When we are able to utilise the brains full capacity. Not a matter of if, But when we reach that point we will be witnessing the evaluation of the human race,..  That exact moment in time we will have no more use of our humanly bodies. Orbs of energy ghostly in appearance will rise out from our lifeless bodies as it fall back to the ground and decompose back into dirt from which it came. We will no-longer need our obsolete worldly possessions such as transportation. Simply will it, And your there. We will not hunger or feel pain or will we ever grow old  or die. Eternal and total bliss. Yes our next and final evaluation is a heaven like existence,.. Amen,.. Please Christians don’t send me any hate mail. This is truly how I foresee our future. You now have a significantly better understanding of my values, beliefs, & Ideas that make up who I am. Now that you have gotten into my head will you be able to find your way out? and once out will you look at life in a different perspective? I have ignited your curiosity from the seeds I have planted in your mind’s eye. My most humbling apologies If I offended any one with my beliefs, That was not at all my intent, But rather to awaken and challenge your intellect, The mind truly is a terrible thing to waste. Peace and Love be with you my now more intimate friend. If you feel you still haven’t quenched your thirst for intellectual conversation then by all means go to the web site and see what is in-store for us in the immediate future if we don’t make a stand and change the world today!! God Bless America The Land Of The Free & Help us Keep it That Way …. Most Sincere Michael..


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